Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Richard Vine (managing editor of Art in America magazine) is speaking at University of Richmond tonight, March 13th, 2007, at 7pm. If you are in town and want to attend his lecture, Sex, Lies and Art Magazines, you can contact me at fiona@fionaross.net or the spectacular Mia Reinoso Genoni at mgenoni@richmond.edu.

I am still working on those big ink paintings, finishing up some commission work and applying for grants, etc.
Coming up this spring: New American Paintings, Mid-Atlantic edition, an art residency in Ireland and a wonderful invitation to be in shows in South Korea and China. Details will follow as they unfurl.

Elise Howell, Suzanna Fields, Travis Fullerton and I had a great artist meeting last night... Melanie Christianson meets with us too. We've been having monthly crits at each other's studios for the past couple of years.


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