Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I got a Mac! Wow, I love it...I have been working away on a new website - check it out here.  
Today I need to figure out today how to link it to my www.fionaross.net address. 
Wish me luck. Can't remember any of my passwords, so it should be a delight.

Also, yesterday Lawrence Weschler (New Yorker writer, author of Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonders, and lots more) spoke at VCU.  Just wonderful to hear him speak and think...

Above is one of the small drawings at Quirk (that show in the Vault closes on March 1).  It's called Unicursal Accusative Drawing with Avoidances, micron pen on 10 x 8" gessoed board. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Take a look at Keychain Access. It's in Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access, but you can find it quicker if you hold down the Apple (command) key, press the spacebar, and type Keychain.

Keychain Access is a program for storing your passwords. I use it for all of the web sites and application registration numbers I have. You can store web site passwords or create secure notes.

Let me know if you have questions - it's better than anything I've found on a PC, and it's part of the Mac OS!


9:25 PM  
Blogger Fiona Ross said...

Thank you Kevin! I love all the bells and whistles that are built into the Mac and am having fun learning how to use them. Thanks again for the tip.

9:41 PM  

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