Friday, October 08, 2010

"...when we could be diving for pearls..."

Here are some images of the site specific drawing installation titled "...when we could be diving for pearls..." that I did for the Spirited Calligraphy: Texts, Marks and Meanings- East and West show at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Gallery, at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. The drawing is a unicursal, or single line, labyrinth.

The show opened Thursday, October 7th and runs through November 19th, 2010.
The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10-6.

China: Tsai Yu-Lung
Japan: Tokoku Harada, Michiko Hamasaki, Sogen Hirano, Nakano Hokumei, Undo Inamura, Junko Matsumoto, Rtsuun Omote, Kyomi Tachibana, Kaishu Yanagisawa
Korea: Kichung Lee Zee, Kim Jue Whe, Ku Ji Hoi, Lee Yoon Yong, Seo Jae Wen
USA: Crait Dongoski, Kevin Hsieh, Carol LeBaron, Juliarose Loffredo, Christy Matson, Katherine Mitchell, Fiona Ross, Junco Sato Pollack.

Thank you so much to Junco Sato Pollack for moderating the exhibition and for inviting me to participate and to Waduda Mohammad, Cynthia Farnell, Gigi Johnson and Carol LeBaron for all their help and support.


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