Saturday, June 09, 2007

Untitled, 2007
Silk print on Japanese paper


Anonymous martin said...

whoah! i just read about, and read, the washington post article!

you didn't win the prize, but you stole some thunder.

i didn't know you were in this, i don't think. or maybe you sent an announcement and i've forgotten. anyways, good for you!

were there any other richmond artist finalists? you know there are some richmonders up for that other big trawick prize... i'm sure you know, right, because susanna fields is one of them.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Fiona Ross said...

Thanks Martin! None of the other finalists for the B.P.A. were from Richmond, and I am rooting for Susanna Fields for the Trawick. I didn't enter the Trawick this year - so much going on... Next year for sure. The Washington Post article was a huge surprise to me, too - J.T. over at Thinking About Art/ H&F Fine Arts sent me the link on Friday - I've gotten a bunch of phone calls and emails about it since, which is good. Like Andy W said, measure it in inches. Can't wait to hear about the shows you see in NYC- the real story! Fiona

7:37 PM  

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