Friday, June 22, 2007

Works of Art on Paper, a national juried competition, will open on June 30th, 2007 at the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences. A drawing of mine, Unicursal Labyrinth (full image above, detail below), will be in the show. This particular drawing is made of a single and continuous line that forms a faulty "the way in is the only way out" (a.k.a., unicursal) labyrinth. For those of you interested in this madness, if you click on the image you will see the line begins at the upper right hand corner and continues around the paper until the line ends mid-way up the right hand side of the drawing.

Works of Art on Paper
is curated by Starr Figura, Assistant Curator of Prints and Illustrated Books at the MoMA.Unicursal Labyrinth, Sumi ink on Arches paper, 2006
25" x 20"

Price on request...


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